Save the artwork (without saving the artwork)

Photo from a thousand words

School has started. Hooray! So have the stacks of artwork started coming home in folders and backpacks at your house yet? We love seeing our kids’ imaginations in full color display — and we especially dig hearing what they have to say about the art work. It’s just as imaginative, if not more so, than the art itself. We used to take notes on the back of their art, to remember the fantastic descriptions and stories behind each piece.

The only problem is the amount of space the art takes up. So many people are using technology to snap and save the artwork in digital form, then making great prints like these, showcasing lots of tiny art pieces all together.

We like to use Kidlee to capture our kids’ art AND to type in the things our kids tell us about the art. Then, when we get our act together, we plan to create some frame- worthy digital art with the images AND the captions.

Here’s even more inspiration:

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